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TBOS: Satoshi Reyes Ando by BloodySafetypins TBOS: Satoshi Reyes Ando by BloodySafetypins
Name: Satoshi “Reyes” Ando
Age: 36 years young
Species: Rainbow Weaver

Physical Description:
Reyes stands at a rather impressive human height of 6’4”, though it’s nothing unusual for his species. Unlike his kin who are stiff, lanky and delicate, this special young Rainbow Weaver is lithe, strong and well muscled. His hair is dark brown on the verge of being considered black and kept long enough to be pulled back into a stubby ponytail. His eyes are a simple dark brown and he has a healthy tan.

By human standards and putting his height aside, he is as plain as can be looks-wise. Among his fellow Rainbow Weavers, he sticks out like a sore thumb. While they have flowing pink or blue or whatever the colour may be hair, he has short, scruffy brown hair that won’t grow past what it already has. While they are pale and delicate, he looks like he had been out in the field and could lift a small vehicle if he had to. While his eyes are brown and more brown, his peers have various shades of purple or red or orange.

His clothes are often very casual and basic. So casual and basic in fact, he is often seen wearing a white t-shirt and blue jeans. Reyes dresses plainly, and it is often joked that the reason he dressed the way he does is to fool people into thinking he’s a normal, well adjusted member of society.

Reyes is happy. He is naïve, charismatic, outgoing, hyper, energetic, friendly, sociable and childish. But he is mostly happy. To put that into perspective, if it was physically possible for him to smile from ear to ear on a twenty four hour basis, he would be very happy to do so. His joyful attitude isn’t very unusual for his race, but he seemed to have kicked it up a notch or several from his peers. His optimism helps him cope with him being quite different then his fellow Rainbow Weavers.

Reyes is not too much for overanalyzing situations. He would prefer to take whatever problem that is given to him at face value. It is generally said that he is more of a fighter than a thinker, despite being far from aggressive. He is better at overcoming physical obstacles then mental ones, which makes him a valuable ally during physical confrontation or if you need a couch moved. Or something.

Despite being 36 years of age and possessing looks that basically amounts to a full grown human male, he is extremely naïve and childish. Rainbow Weavers live in the clouds above the human world and are oblivious to what happens below, therefore rather innocent and immature compared to a human of the same age. Reyes seems incapable of processing the basic emotion of embarrassment or shame, which leads to situations that get him in trouble. Not many can get mad at him for long, nor can they seriously scold him, as doing so would make you feel terribly guilty. However, the man is like a puppy; he’ll most likely forget about it ten minutes later.

When it comes to socializing, it isn’t very hard to get the man into a conversation, and he’d gladly talk your ear off for hours on end. It isn’t rare for him to go off on a rant about anything and everything that comes to mind until somebody feels like they could claw their eardrums out. Which brings up an important point: he will not clue in to any tactful suggestions, especially when it comes to his whistling. Constant audio stimulus is a must, and to do so, Reyes whistles whenever it goes quiet.

Reyes is a friendly individual and despite not many wanting to go to him for help, he is more than happy to provide aid. Strangely enough, his help has a higher success rate than most people would think.

Reyes was conceived in the usual way Rainbow Weavers were conceived, and that involved a flower, a mother and a father, a few chanted spells and about three months of anxious waiting. At the end of the three months, the large and swollen flower bud bloomed and among the array of colourful petals was the newborn. The first thing Reyes saw when his flower bloomed, other than his parent’s smiling faces, was a rainbow. And at the end of that rainbow was a pot of gold with a unicorn prancing on top of it. And he was in a field of flowers. Life was great.

His parents had named him Satoshi, but when he came down to earth, he began to call himself Reyes. As he grew older, Reyes’ parents absolutely smothered him with all the love in the world. He grew up in the cloud City of Awake, floating on top of the world of humans that all Rainbow Wavers were oblivious to.

When he was old enough to understand, his parents brought him to the colour docks, where a group of seven Rainbow Weavers were lined up. Lots of people gathered to celebrate this event, The Making of the Rainbow, every time it happened. These special Rainbow Weavers, called Colourists, had the amazing ability to vomit a specific colour. When all seven of them combined, they created a full rainbow that could be seen for miles and, unbeknownst to them, be seen by the humans who explained away this phenomenon with water vapor and sunlight. Only special Rainbow Weavers were born with this ability, and it only happened after one of the current Colourists crossed the Skybridge to the Faraway. Reyes loved this event and attended whenever it happened.

As he grew older, it became obvious that there was something wrong with him. He didn’t grow amazing coloured hair or develop fantastic eyes like his fellows did. He didn’t stay pale and skinny, but instead grew tanned and strong. His parents smothered him in even more love and though he was plain, his peers found his charismatic and joyful attitude catchy. He was still a bit of an outsider, but tried to blend in to the waves of colour anyway.

It was when he came of age did something truly odd happen. He felt sick to his stomach constantly, and there was a horrible pain in his chest. Reyes was quickly rushed off to the hospital, where the doctor found something very out of the ordinary. Upon looking at his x-rays, the doctor found a bizarre pouch that had developed attached to his esophagus. Lo and behold, it was the pouch that developed in Colourists. Closer examination revealed that the pouch, normally a colour of the rainbow, was white. This discovery was celebrated throughout the community, and not a single Rainbow Weaver could wait to see what colour this strange new white pouch would put forward.

When it was time, everybody gathered to see what this new Colourist could do. The town doctor always had to assist in inducing the first vomiting, and when he did, everybody watched in awe as the full spectrum of colours streaked across the sky. This was unheard of; a Colourist that was able to create the full rainbow. The town of Awake became famous throughout the Rainbow Weaver community, and the previous seven Colourists were quickly replaced with just Reyes, who could do all of their jobs much more efficiently. This inevitably brought on jealousy and his name spread to those if infamy, including a gang that wanted to harness his colourtastic powers. They called themselves Spectrum, and they hounded him wherever he went. It was relentless, it was cruel and eventually, it frightened Reyes enough that he felt like he had to flee his beloved home in the clouds.

Bidding his parents goodbye, he didn’t tell anybody where he went. He slipped away during the night, following the trail of water vapor until his feet touched solid earth. He was among the dominion of humans now. Having sturdy ground under his feet was strange, and the constant gloom of human emotion frightened him. He kept optimistic and made a joyous life on earth, despite the overwhelming dark that seemed normal there. Reyes had since ‘adopted’ Aurelia, a young woman from far away, and had taken over as her mother, though sometimes his housemate feels like she’s his mother.

Every time he glimpses a rainbow, he can’t help but miss home.

His ability is rather unusual, even in his own kingdom. Colourists, the special Rainbow Weavers that could regurgitate colour, were few and far between even back in the City of Awake, located far up in the clouds beyond human sight. Most of them could only give off a single colour that corresponds with the unique pouch attached to their esophagus, but Reyes’ pouch is white. He can quite literally vomit rainbows. Though it doesn’t have much of an offensive value, it can do great as a distraction when one needs it. He keeps the fact that he is a Rainbow Weaver well hidden, letting humans continue to believe that their rainbows come from the interaction of light with water particles in the air.

Though common among Rainbow Weavers and not completely unique to only him, Reyes has a weak empathy ability. He can clue in on the broad emotion a person is feeling, but cannot dig very deep and feel anything more specific. In return, he gives off the feeling of joy and happiness, spreading it to those who come within a few meters of him. Though it’s not strong, it has a noticeable effect. This is subconscious and out of his control.

Chosen by: Lady Ink

Gift: Reyes received a Construct that he is pretty convinced looks like a piece of the clouds he came from. Having such a familiar shape, he often associates it with safety, defense or even guidance.

In his messenger bag / pockets:
- Scarf and pair of mittens
- Some spare cash and a USB
- A rather interesting looking rock
- Few bags of tea
- Pencils and notebook
- His Construct

Credits for Reyes' sketch goes to :iconblazewingdragon:
Reyes' character is mine, however. :P
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DigiDayDreamer Featured By Owner Jul 26, 2011
So wait, Rainbow Weavers were just regular people that lived above the clouds, but only special Rainbow Weavers called Colourists can actually make the rainbows? That seems a bit misleading. ^^; But hilarious backstory all the same. Really loved this line:

"The first thing Reyes saw when his flower bloomed, other than his parent’s smiling faces, was a rainbow. And at the end of that rainbow was a pot of gold with a unicorn prancing on top of it. And he was in a field of flowers. Life was great."
xTalithax Featured By Owner Jun 18, 2011  Hobbyist Writer
Just one question for now :) Does Aurelia know that Reyes can vomit the rainbow?

Good luck in the OCT :D
BloodySafetypins Featured By Owner Jun 19, 2011
Yes, indeed she does. Reyes also knows about Aurelia's rat attracting abilities. :3

And you too! Good luck!
simply-irenic Featured By Owner May 15, 2011  Hobbyist Digital Artist
...this incarnation of Reyes is kind of beautiful.
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