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TBOS: Long Ai Aurelia Lien by BloodySafetypins TBOS: Long Ai Aurelia Lien by BloodySafetypins
Name: Long Ai “Aurelia” Lien
Age: 30
Species: Pied Musician

Physical Description:
Though not very tall at 5’5”, she easily makes up for it with her unrelenting seriousness and somewhat cold demeanor. Her hair sweeps just below her shoulder blades in an almost impossible black, not a single strand out of place. Aurelia’s hair is the only thing she allows herself to take much pride in, so she takes good care of it. Her eyes are also extremely dark, the iris and pupil nearly indistinguishable from each other. Aurelia’s dark features contrast sharply with her pale skin, which was hailed as a sign of beauty in her home country. She doesn’t have much physical strength, but you have to be careful around her nonetheless. Who knows what she’s hiding underneath that trench coat of hers. A scar is visible from the left corner of her mouth, reaching to just before her ear.

The clothes she wears often come in muted colours, allowing her to better blend in with the outdoors and the woodlands she frequents. Her long trench coat isn’t just there for looks; Aurelia often hides useful things under that long jacket. Heavy boots are also required, no matter the weather.

Aurelia grew up normally enough in a small country village in Vietnam, so she didn’t have many experiences with large crowds or lots of new people at once. Her standoffish behavior doesn’t exactly draw people in, making her number of friends few and far between. Pride, though not as strong as certain other members of her family, is evident, especially when it comes to her abilities with various weapons. Oftentimes she is hard pressed to ask for help because of her extremely self-sufficient temperament. Working hard is not uncommon to her, but asking for any assistance certainly is, having to be nothing short of an immediate life or death crisis.

She tends to be protective of the people she does care about, though it is rare. She was the third oldest of her parent's eight kids, and the oldest girl, so she had to take care of the younger siblings. Yes, she becomes quite the mother hen when she does warm up to you, sometimes to the point where she might accidently kill her chicks by smothering them. The woman’s cold demeanor will fade to a degree if you show her you’re tiny and helpless enough to require her help. Nobody can say she is a bad caregiver if she does decide to take a person under her wing.

Despite her distant façade, Aurelia is rather calm and patient, rarely acting out and mostly level-headed even during the direst of situations. It’s a far cry from her childhood, where she was restless and always on the move. Aurelia is always thinking, wondering if her next move is the right one. Many mistake this mental calculation as disinterest.

Overall, however, the lady is wary of newcomers, untrusting and often keeping more to herself then anything. When she smells flowers, she looks for the coffin. A bit of a cynic? Why yes, yes she is. Pessimist? That too. Realist? Every single bit of her. Contrary to popular belief, her face does grace the occasional smile. Most of the time said smile is accompanied by a witty remark, but a smile is a smile none the less.

Aurelia was born just as any other kid was born in that obscure mountain village in Vietnam. As a child, her parents always told her she was born near the sky, planting her love for the outdoors. The people in the big city would whisper that there were strange things up in those mountains, something she would get irritated with later on in life.

For the time being, she was simply a little girl who loved to fish. Fishing was the only thing she seemed to have much patience for, as she was mostly very restless and didn’t mind hard labour to curb her energy. Fishing taught her to be calm and level-headed and eventually her restlessness wore out into patience. This newfound patience was how she found the time to learn to play the violin, which would lead to some interesting circumstances later in life.

Her family had this thing for weaponry, as they were mostly comprised of either farmers or soldiers. At a young age, namely starting at age twelve or thirteen, she started wielding her trusted machete. Over the years, she would learn how to hold many other weapons and use them just as efficiently.

The Lien family had a notable friend; a rich and powerful friend. The Mai family had close ties with the Lien family ever since their grandfathers became war buddies. So close in fact, that their children were promised to each other before they were even born. It was a highly traditional thing that was far from unusual, so nobody gave this a second glance. Though the two family units were from completely different social classes they got along very well. When their children were born, they were immediately placed together. The two children fit together like puzzle pieces and became fast friends from the start. From the time she was able to understand, Aurelia was told that she would be married to her friend when the time came. In the beginning, she was perfectly happy with her family’s choice.

She was fairly young when she figured out her odd powers. Playing her violin seemed to draw the attention of rats from miles around. Not just a one or two, but dozens. They came to sit and listen to her play, gathering in groups around her feet or chair as if hypnotized. Aurelia had read a tale of the Pied Piper attracting mice, but never before a Pied Violinist attracting rats. Unfortunately for her, she hated rats. After the found out about this ability, she never played the violin in front of people again, fearing the hoards of rodents.

Mr. and Mrs. Lien at first thought their daughter was practicing witchcraft and was displeased with her abilities. Over time, they came to terms with the fact that it was just inherent, though this didn’t make her play the violin any more than she usually did. Rats were considered dirty and diseased, so when she did play, it was always alone.

Aurelia was nineteen twenty when her marriage was sat in stone. Her fiancé was to be her old childhood friend, as agreed upon so long ago. She accepted it at first for her family’s sake, though she loathed the idea now that she was older. To her, she still had so much to see, so much to live for. She didn’t want to be stuck in the tiny village for the rest of her life. Time grinded on until she was to be married the coming spring. Her fiancé was the happiest man alive leading up to their wedding, but she was downright miserable. Finally growing tired of her own constant misery, she fled her home without a second guess.

At first she was lost amongst the crowds and noises in the big cities of Vietnam. She didn’t understand how the society worked and what the people found normal in large groups. Aurelia picked things up quickly and soon left her home country on a boat going south, having no idea where it would take her, as long as it wasn’t here. She stayed for extended periods here and there, travelling from country to country and making a small living before hopping onto the next flight or boat when she found that she had nothing else to discover.

Finally having visited all the places she wanted to go and more, her curiousity for the world was satisfied. Aurelia now looked for a place to stop and rest, growing tired of carrying her worldly possessions in a suitcase and a backpack. A turn of events made her take the wrong flight to a bustling metropolis. It was nothing new; she had been to all those big cities with flashing lights. There in Somnus City, she met an eccentric man that, upon hearing of her situation, offered his attic at half the usual rent price. She took the opportunity as she saw fit.

It’s been a few years since Aurelia moved into Somnus City and she had settled in to the point where she doesn’t exactly feel like picking up and leaving. Her excuse for staying is that she knows his secret and he knows hers, so they are tied. Though she’d never freely admit it, she had also grown attached to her house mate and would hate to see him fumble to take care of himself.

The tale of the Pied Piper of Hamelin is a common story. These people who can attract animals with a musical instrument don’t have to be dressed in pied clothing, nor do they have to play the pipe. The Pied Musicians of her world are, in a word, very uncommon. Even as one of this rare group herself, she had only met one other during her travels. Thanks to the fast growing human society and beings like Pied Musicians falling into myth or fairytale status, beings like her tend to hide their abilities. Aurelia is a Pied Violinist, having the ability to attract hoards of rats from miles around with the music of her violin. Though it can be said that she loves playing her instrument, it is an understatement to say that she hates rats.

Though nothing magical or supernatural, her ability to quickly learn and use various weapons is special in itself. Her main weapon is a machete, keeping it well hidden under her long coat, alongside various other things that can deal hefty damage. She would be glad to give you a lecture on these things if you ask nicely.

Chosen by: Mudd

Gift: Aurelia’s Function is a coffee stained paper carton of cigarettes. The original writing is gone, only to be replaced by ‘distract’. A large cloud of black smoke or a fast approaching, smoldering beast is pretty distracting, right?

- Machete
- Wallet
- Bow and violin
- Her Function

Sketch of Aurelia belongs to :iconblazewingdragon:
Aurelia herself belongs to me
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